Fast with Five Fridays

Hi Friends! I’ve come up with a new post series, which I’m going to roll out today, FRIDAY!  Aren’t you glad the weekend is here?  I sure am! Anyway, this series will focus on getting dinner on the table QUICKLY!  I don’t know about you, but on Fridays I just want dinner done. 10 minutes ago, in fact! Without a lot of fuss. And, of course, I still want it to taste good. Are you with me?  Good.

Recipes that appear in my Fast with Five Fridays series will meet all of those wants. Some things to keep in mind before I let you in on my first recipe for this series…

  • I will count some ingredients as standard pantry items, which I feel everyone should have in their kitchen at all times. These pantry items won’t count toward the 5 ingredients, which means some of the recipes will indeed have a couple more ingredients than 5 but only 5 will be ones you may have to go to the store for.  Here are the pantry items that won’t “count” as an ingredient:
    1. eggs (I always have about 2 dozen back-up eggs in my fridge at all times
    2. water (obviously)
    3. cooking oil of choice (mine are refined coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and canola oil). You can choose your favorite and substitute what you keep in the pantry for any of the oils I just listed.
    4. salt and black pepper
    5. milk
  • The recipes will be of any and all types, whether side dish, main dish, salad, and even dessert (because we all need a little treat sometimes, right?).
  • The recipes won’t always have 5 ingredients…sometimes, I want to work even less on Fridays, so you might see some recipes with only 3 ingredients. Is that okay with you? I thought so…

The bottom line is, these recipes will be quick, easy, tasty, and will have no more than 5 ingredients (not counting the pantry ingredients, of course). I hope you enjoy this series. If you don’t want to miss out on any of these super-quick recipes, be sure to subscribe to my site so you never miss a post…it’s easy and FREE. Thanks!