If you…

  • Feel like you’re in a constant battle with your digestion
  • Have been diagnosed with IBS but haven’t gotten the lasting relief you desperately want
  • Regularly experience excess gas, bloating, constipation, loose stools, heartburn, or reflux
  • Are tired of your digestive symptoms interfering with your life!

Are you tired of hearing?

  • You’ll just have to learn to live with your symptoms…
  • Just follow a low FODMAP diet…
  • Try this expensive medication (that may or may not work!)…
  • It’s all in your head!
Listen…you do not have to learn to live with your symptoms. Lasting relief IS POSSIBLE!
Hey there!

I’m Laura Marzen, registered dietitian, and I’m glad you’re here!

Eating healthy and nourishing your body can be SO confusing, especially when you’re trying to overcome IBS and chronic digestive problems.

Guess what…it was confusing to me too, and I went to school for nutrition! See, I had terrible digestion for as long as I can remember, and when I finally decided to do something about it, I thought it would be so easy for me to take care of.

But it wasn’t!

The problem was, I hadn’t learned how to identify and address any of the underlying problems that were actually to blaim for my digestive problems.

So, I ended up trying a lot of the strategies that I’m guessing you’ve tried or think you should try – food sensitivity testing, restricting a long list of foods, using the best probiotics I could find!

None of it gave me lasting relief!

Once I was able to improve my own gut health and overcome my IBS symptoms for good, my life changed, and I have more freedom than ever before!

It’s my mission to help others gain the freedom I know is possible by overcoming IBS. I’d love to guide on your journey to better health!

Gut Health Reboot

Go from frustrated and confused, to healthy, confident and FREE of your IBS symptoms!

My Gut Health Reboot program will help you…
  • Tame your IBS symptoms…
  • Uncover and address the root causes that are contributing to your symptoms…
  • Make intential shifts to your eating and lifestyle using a personalized plan created just for you…
  • Feel healthier than ever and have the energy to live the life you desire!
  • Gain confidence to know how to keep your symptoms from returning so you can get the long-term relief you want!

What’s Included

1:1 Virtual Coaching

Plus, messaging access for support and accountability between sessions.

Targeted Lab Tests

Using the right testing can help uncover what’s driving your symptoms!

Personalized Plan

With food and lifestyle recommendations and support materials that fit your needs.

Client Feedback

“Laura is amazing. Her program has changed my life! A year before starting with Laura, I had uncontrollable bowels, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and food intolerances to near everything. I went to GI doctors, primary care doctors, and the emergency room all with the same answer – IBS. Then I found Laura! She helped me determine the root cause of my IBS and how to eliminate that problem. I can now say that I feel better than I ever have and actually feel NORMAL!!! I cannot express how thankful I am for Laura, her program, and her continued support and understanding. I could not recommend this enough!”

~ Kayla H ~


Fill out a short form to help me determine whether I can help you achieve your goals and overcome your symptoms!


If I can help, we’ll communicate based on your preferred method to answer your questions and make sure it’s a fit!


Confirm with full or partial payment. Schedule an initial session to get started on your journey to better health!

Client Feedback

“Laura changed my life. She was able to help me get off of all my medications and regain my social life. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She always answered my questions right away with honest and well researched answers. I recommend her to everyone I talk to.”

~ Kristene G ~

This is for you if…


You’re ready to take a root cause approach to overcoming your IBS symptoms and improving gut health!


You’re ready to make your health a priority and willing to put in the time to make it happen!


Believe that healing is possible but need guidance on how to make it happen!


You’re ready to feel better than ever by optimizing your nutrition in a way that works with your lifestyle.

This is NOT for you if…


You’re not willing to approach your health and nutrition in a way that you may not have known of before.


You’re vegetarian or vegan and unwilling to add animal protein (chicken, fish, pork, beef, etc.).


Your only goal is weight loss. There’s nothing wrong with that goal, btw…


You’re not quite ready to make real changes to your eating and lifestyle habits! That’s okay…come back when you’re ready!